Front or Back Pocket Wallet Debate

A wallet is the most essential item that you have to carry every day because it is where you keep your money, cards, and other important documents. Choosing a wallet that will suit your needs is practically easy but deciding on where to place it can be quite a task. The debate of Front Pocket Wallet vs Back Pocket Wallet carry remains to be an ongoing topic for everyday carry enthusiasts that cannot be settled easily because each pocket has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

The simple answer is that you should carry your wallet where it is the most comfortable and secure for you based on your own personal preferences.

To help you decide on the matter, here are the pros and cons of both front pocket and back pocket wallets.

Front Pocket Wallet Carry

We all know what a pocket is. The front pocket that I’m describing is a pocket sewn at the frontal and lower portion of your pants. The front pocket is big enough for your hand to conveniently fit into whenever you need to reach your wallet out or store it in. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a wallet in your front pocket.


1) Front Pockets Are Safer

Placing your wallet in the front pocket will decrease its risk of being stolen. Highly congested areas like bus terminals and subways are common places where pickpockets hunt their victims. The front pocket will make your wallet less conspicuous and you will be more aware if someone is trying to reach in to steal your wallet (hopefully).

2) Front Pockets Can Better Protect Your Cards

The front pocket can keep your debit and credit cards in good condition. It is highly unlikely that your cards will get crushed or damaged when you place your wallet in your front pocket compared to your back pocket.

3) Front Pockets Offer Easy Access

Since your wallet is an important necessity, taking it out from your pocket as well as returning it back should be practically easy. If your wallet is within your reach, the convenience of paying your groceries or restaurant bill will be increased.

4) Front Pockets Offer Comfort

It offers physical ease and freedom since the wallet in your front pocket will not impede you from moving to a sitting position. You will be able to sit down comfortably all the time without having to remove or adjust your pocket.

5) Front Pockets Looks Neat

Placing your wallet in the front pocket will make you look poised and well-dressed compared to placing it at the back. This will work to your advantage whenever you need to meet a client or go on a date.


1) Front Pocket Carry Can Cause Wear on Your Jeans

The front pocket in your jeans is made of softer material that can damage over time. Placing your wallet in the stronger back pocket will make your jeans last longer compared to the front pocket.

2) Limited Space

Front pocket wallets are typically slimmer and smaller than back pocket wallets. This design may not work for people who rely on their wallets to store important documents and receipts.

Back Pocket Wallet Carry

It is a pocket sewn at the back portion of your pants. The back pocket is either attached just around the edge of your apparel or stitched inside your clothing. These are the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a wallet in your back pocket.


1) Back Pockets Offer Convenience to People with Bigger Thighs

People with bigger thighs can access their wallets better from behind than the front especially when wearing jeans or trousers. It is easier to access your wallet by leaning when you need to reach their wallets.

2) Back Pocket Wallets are Bigger

Commonly, the wallets that are designed for back pockets are larger compared to the wallets that are designed for front pockets. It means that there will be more room to store more cards, receipts, and other documents.


1) Back Pockets Increases Risk of Back Pain

If you’re sitting on your wallet for over 30 minutes, you will most likely have pains in your back that can eventually lead to the malformation of your hips and pelvis. This will add to your discomfort and may cause serious injury that you would definitely want to avoid.

2) Back Pockets Increases Risk of Accidentally Losing Your Wallet

It is more likely that your wallet will fall off if placed at the back compared to placing it in your front pocket. When you’re having a busy day, there is a higher chance that you will not notice your wallet slipping off your pocket. It is easier to notice your wallet when it falls off from the front rather than from your back.

3) Back Pockets Can Cause Anxiety

It’s hard to be at ease when you have your wallet in your back pocket because you know that the risk of losing it is much higher. The thought that it might fall off or that someone might have stolen your wallet will cause unnecessary worries that can lead to anxiety.

4) Back Pockets are Harder to Tap

If you’re in a public place, you will always feel the need to tap your wallet to check if it’s safe in your pocket. Tapping your wallet is easier when placed in the front than at the back. With your wallet in your front pocket, there will be no hassle in tapping or checking your wallet all the time.

5) Back Pockets Decreases the Lifespan of your Cards

The more you sit on your wallet, the more it wears your debit and credit card. It dramatically reduces the lifespan of your cards that can cause you more time and effort in going to the bank only to have the cards replaced. There is also a higher possibility that your cards will crack which will be very inconvenient especially when you’re on a trip.


Although front pockets work better for some people, there are others who prefers to place their wallet in their back pockets. Placing wallets in the back pocket is more than just a habit for it is a long-established custom that has been passed on for generations. With these pros and cons laid out, the choice between placing wallets in the front pocket or back pocket will now depend on the personal preference of the user.

I can tell you that for me, the front vs. back pocket wallet carry is a non-issue. I carry my Ridge wallet in my front pocket every day.