Why are Moleskine Journals So Popular?

Journals have changed a lot over the years. People don’t just use a journal to write their innermost thoughts. Some of them also like to sketch, get creative, and put decorations on their journal. It is a very satisfying and relaxing activity that allows people to contemplate, reflect and release the feelings that they might be keeping inside. While some may be happy to do their journaling on any notebook, others prefer a more specific journal. Moleskine journals are popular brand produced by a Milan company called Modo & Modo, and a lot of people prefer to use their notebooks for journaling.

While the brand has grown into a trend, with a lot of people hyping it up, there are actually several reasons why Moleskine journals are the preference of many people. The quality, variety, binding, portability, affordability, and rich history are a few of the many reasons why Moleskines are so popular.

This post will describe the reasons why the Moleskine journals have grown in popularity over the years and why I think they are they are suitable for everyday carry.


One of the reasons why people prefer Moleskine journals is due to the quality of the notebook. They are durable, so you won’t be worried about carrying them with you and exposing them to different places. Moreover, the paper used for the journals has a nice texture. The paper stocks thick, so even if people use it for drawing and other illustrations, the ink won’t bleed through the pages too much. In fact, the journal is very good at absorbing the ink so that there isn’t too much bleeding or spreading of ink.


Moleskine journals also come in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose between different colored journals. They also come in different styles that are perfect to use for different situations. They have notebook journals that are perfect for students, but they also have lightweight versions which are perfect for on-the-go projects. You can also personalize the journals by putting a quote, a name, or a design on the cover. This way you can have a journal that truly feels like you. I personally have three different Moleskine varieties. I use the pictured hardcover journal daily, but I have also dabbled with the softcover versions.

Book Binding

The notebook or journal you get from Moleskine will undoubtedly feel like a blank book in your hands. The feel of both the cover and the binding will be similar to books. As such, it can be easy to store on your bookshelves or stacked up in your drawers. Moreover, the sturdy covers are the perfect support for when you are writing.


Moleskines are light and compact journals. This makes them extremely portable. People can capture their ideas while their outside. They also won’t need a big space to keep their Moleskin journals while they’re on the go. The smallest journals they offer can easily fit inside a jacket pocket. If people want to scribble, doodle, or note something down, they can easily pull out their Moleskine journal and jot it down for later.


When you consider the quality of Moleskine journals, you’ll realize that they are affordable. With the quality of the paper and the notebook, the prices are pretty reasonable. The paper alone is comparable to the papers used for watercolor books which can be expensive. Moleskine journals deliver quality at the lowest prices possible.


Of course, part of the reason why people love Moleskine journals so much is the positive reviews that come from different customers. Everyone who uses a Moleskine journal is truly satisfied with the quality of the notebook, and they are not shy about sharing it. People praise the quality of the product and share how useful it has been for them. Even artists have taken to using Moleskine journals for their sketches because of the excellent-quality paper and the portable sizes that they come in. The good reviews and positive feedback only serve to encourage more people to try it for themselves.


Believe it or not, simplicity is one of the top reasons why people want to get a Moleskine journal. The notebook designs are uncomplicated and straightforward. Because of its simple design, people have the option to personalize the journals themselves. Additionally, people prefer minimalistic looks for their items, so the Moleskine journal is something that applies to them. Moreover, its simplicity fits well in every environment- whether you are using it for work, study, art, or personal reasons. The straightforward and plain design gives it a sleek and elegant look.

Stickers and Pockets

Moleskine journals also come with stickers for putting in your name or label on the notebook. It’s a great way to personalize or organize your journals. Moreover, the pockets in the back are useful for holding important papers, clippings, or keepsakes that are important for later use. While Moleskine journals are simple, they do come with some good features. Some of the journals also come with graphing paper instead of the normal, blank, cream paper that artists like. These graphing papers are also useful for sketches or for taking down notes.


Finally, there is no shortage of Moleskine journals available. As such, if you need to replace your notebook or get a new one because you’ve filled the old one up, then you can easily pick up a Moleskine at the nearest bookstore or writing supply store nearest to you. I have found plentiful options on Amazon, Target, and Barnes & Noble. You won’t have to worry about finding one because they are available almost anywhere.


Moleskine journals have a long history. They’ve been used by great artists such as Picasso, Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Chatwin. This just goes to show that Moleskine journals are designed to bring out the creativity in people and empowers them to accomplish wonderful things.

You can keep your ideas and feelings safe in a Moleskine journal. It is durable and portable, so you can keep it close to yourself as well. Whenever or wherever inspiration strikes you, you can easily pull out your journal and write it down. While some apps or devices also offer this option, there is a different feeling of writing and drawing something on paper.

It is the perfect companion for artistic, creative, and expressive people who prefer to write something down physically and look back through previous entries on a solid object rather than just typing it up or saving it on a smart device. There’s something about the physicality of the journal that encourages people to write more. Moleskines have been an important part of my EDC and will continue to be for many years.