Military Servicemember Knives

The reasons why people carry knives around with them are just as varied as the types and brands of knives available to people and so too for military servicemember knives. Some people carry to have access to a cutting instrument, but some people choose to carry for self-defense purposes. That begs the question, “What knives to military servicemembers carry?”

It’s not a surprise that military members also choose to EDC knives. Most military people are naturally adventurous and find themselves hunting or hiking in rocky trails or forests. There are very many types of knives, military servicemember knives most purchased tend to including the Spyderco, Benchmade, CRKT, Zero Tolerance, and SOG.

In this post I will explore the various types of knives that are common for servicemembers to carry in their public daily lives and while on-the-job. However, the first consideration is the legal blade length for carry.

Limitations on Blade Length of Pocketknives

Since pocketknives are essential tools for many activities, various rules in some states of the US govern carrying them. Most states allow carrying of blades shorter than 2.5 inches, with edges less than 1.5 inches being allowed in schools. For over 20 states, individuals can bring a blade of 3.5 inches as long as it is concealed and has a sheath. States like Texas allow their individuals to carry a knife over 5.5 inches.

Authorization to carry knives while on duty is typically handled by commanders. Authorized knives exceeding 3 inches should only be brought in the line of duty, with a sheath held in pistol belts or a lock blade military knife. The military can carry knives but should have them concealed inside a sheath.

Types of Everyday Carry (EDC) Knives

The Armed Forces need reliable blades that work efficiently yet would be easy to yield. The typical knives that the military use are fixed blade knives and folding knives. Brands they choose mainly require being light to carry, sharp, and durable. Some of the best knives could cost hundreds of dollars, but you can get knives as cheap as five dollars at Walmart. Here are a few of the best knives military carry.

1) Spyderco Para Military 2

The Spyderco Para Military 2 is a foldable 108 grams heavy knife with a 3.42-inch blade. The ratio of the blade weight to the knife weight is an exceptional balance, which makes it very easy to carry around. It’s pretty compact with a G-10 handle, making it reliable for making clean meat cuts and carton cuts. The blade is made of CPM S110V stainless steel with the best edge retention and best corrosion. The blade costs about $250-$300 depending on the store, but it costs $100 less with the CPMS30V steel blade. You can carry the blade in all four directions due to the four-position hourglass ambidextrous clip.

2) Benchmade Bugout

The Benchmade Bugout is a drop-point 52 grams heavy utility knife, one of the lightest in the market. The knife has a 3.24-inch sized blade made of CPMS30V blade. The handle is very light, made of carbon fiber with about three shades in the market. You can use the knives for almost everything, but some people complain that it fits a bit tiny in some hands. The blade has the best edge corrosion but lacks the retention of CPM110SV yet sharpens much easily. It costs about $155 with the primary blade, but you can acquire it for $300 with a CPM90SV steel blade.

3) CRKT M21-04G

Some military members prefer heavy EDC knives, and for that the CRKT M21-04G fits the bill. The foldable spearpoint blade knife weighs about 182 grams, and the overall length is a good 9.25 inches. It has a Kit Carson design opening which sets the blade fast and with a click. The knife is a perfect weapon made for stabbing that could easily intimidate any enemies by flashing it. The size of the blade is 3.98 inches with a thickness of 3.53mm and is specialized with G-10 handles. The knife is quite costly as it goes for around $50-$60. It’s often sold out as it has a serious fan base.

4) Zero Tolerance 0359TS

If you love flat knife handles, you might just be in luck with the beautifully sweet, tiger-striped Zero 0359TS. The foldable knife has a CPM30SV stainless steel blade of 3.25 inches, has a safe, fast way of opening by using a flipper or thumb stud. The handle is also a unique G-10 flat version handle, which makes it very lightweight. It is the perfect foldable knife with aesthetics, which is very worth its price. It goes for around $ 150, but there are cheaper brands for fewer quality blades since it comes at CPM20SV.

5) SOG Terminus XRG10

The blade is a very effective low-priced blade that you can easily carry to your belt every day. It has a durable spearpoint 2.95 ich blade with an excellent palm fit G-10 handle. You can easily open the knife with its double thumb studs or use the blade flipper. The handle is red, which can be a bit annoying, but it’s pretty affordable and versatile. It costs about $50-$60 on some websites but can go lower with some sales. You can never go wrong with such a sweet price.


The military can carry knives, especially since it is a utility tool that could come in handy. There are several great options out there for military servicemember knives, but be mindful of blade length. I have always been a huge fan of Zero Tolerance myself. I used to carry and still have at ZT, but the TS would be a nice addition to my collection.