What is One Piece of EDC Gear You Are Never Without?

We all have that one gear on us that we always carry around. Whether it’s a day trip to the mountains or a quick commute downtown, everyone has that one essential in their EDC. This begs the question: What is that one piece of EDC gear you are never without?

The answer varies from one person to another. We all have different needs, so we all require different gear. Some might feel more comfortable with a more tech-centered everyday carry, while others prefer to be low-key and have a pocket-size EDC gear. For many a cell phone or wallet are essential, but for others a knife or a watch are essential.

If your life revolves around going out every day, then I’ve got you covered. Here are 10 everyday items that are a must-have in your daypack. These items are all lightweight, and they can easily be slipped inside your pocket or thrown into your backpack. And what’s great is that they all have handy uses. You’ll never know when you will get into a sticky situation, so having one of these can make life easier.

Crucial EDC Items List

In no particular order here is my list of items to consider as you decide for yourself what the most essential EDC gear is for you:

1) A Cell Phone

Your number one accessory when you’re on the go could be your cell phone. Your phone is not only great for making calls and sending texts. It’s also your GPS, your camera, your notepad, your flashlight, and much more. It’s hard to deny just how versatile your phone is. It keeps you connected anywhere you go, and you’ll never feel lost without it. And if you do get bored, social media and video games are one tap away.

2) Your Wallet

Sure, online banking is the future. But your wallet will still come in handy for those credit cards and extra change. A nice, durable, and thin wallet is essential for any EDC. Not only can it store your cash, but it can keep your IDs safe and sound. Besides, who can resist the feel and status of a genuine leather wallet?

3) A Pocket Knife

Whether you’re opening a new package from Amazon or cutting up fruit for a salad, a pocket knife can come in handy. They come in plenty of sizes and accessories. You can even chain one onto your keys for easy access. A pocket knife can be useful if you want to slice something open or if you want to feel a little safer. I’ve already discussed this in previous posts, but please just make sure your locality allows any knife-carrying.

4) Pen and Pad

This is perfect for any creatives out there. A new idea can surprise you just around the block, so having a pen and pad can be useful. Jot down everything to your heart’s content. Or maybe you can use it to write a new to-do list. Whatever comes to mind, you will want something to write it down with. And nothing can beat a classic pen and pad combo. There a a lot of great notepads options out there, from Field Notes to my personal favorite Moleskine.

5) A Watch

You cantell the time on your phone. But then that means you have to fish it out of your pocket every time. But with a watch, you just need to raise a wrist. A watch is not only for looking good. It can tell the time accurately for you. And if you own a smartwatch, you can tell more than just what hour it is. Go out with style while also being able to see all your notifications in one glance. Fashionable and functional!

6) A Bottle of Sanitizer

Go anywhere these days, and you’ll see almost everybody has a sanitizer in their pocket or bag. And you should have one as well. Sanitizer is an essential gear if you want to stay sanitized and germ-free. A few spritzes on your hand can do wonders. Feel safe while going out with a sanitizer in your EDC gear.

7) Quality Earphones

A pair of earphones are your best friend when you’re on a long road trip or at they gym. Distract yourself from the hustle and bustle of life with some music or an audiobook. You can go sleek and use a pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphones. Or, if bass is more of your taste, then some large headphones are just for you. Say goodbye to long and boring commutes.

8) A Pair of Sunglasses

Summer or not, sunglasses are always in fashion. Not only do they amp up your cool factor, but they can protect you from UV light. There are plenty of glasses in the market that can fit your style and face. You can have something durable and chunky, or maybe something lightweight and foldable. Either way, if you’re out on a hike or a beach trip, a pair of sunglasses can keep the sun away from your eyes.

9) A Facemask

Facemasks are very useful if you live in the city. Crowded places are full of viruses, and you don’t want to have any of that in your system. And don’t get me started on air pollution. All we’re saying is that you should have a facemask ready in your EDC gear. They’re easy to carry around, and you can even find something that fits your aesthetic. Cover up in style and always stay protected.

10) A Power Bank

With all your music listening and gaming, your phone would surely run out of juice. Don’t let a dead phone bring you down, though. A power bank can charge your phone any time of the day. Most banks are slick and easy to carry. It’s almost like carrying a second cell phone. For a quick ride, 5000 mAh is alright. But if you are on a long day trip where you’re far away from any power outlet, then 10000-20000 mAh will do the trick.

So, What’s in Your EDC?

These are the basic EDC gear that people carry in their pockets or bags. You might have one or two of the things listed above. Maybe you even have all of them. Each of these gear has its purpose, and that’s why they are part of the classic everyday carry list. Of course, others are not on the list. But these are the basic items that you simply can’t live without.

Always be prepared. Whether you’re out for a day or more, your gear will always have your back.