What Are You Carrying Mr. EDC? (Work Edition)

After much delay, this is my second post in the What Are You Carrying Mr. EDC series. Today I’ll be sharing what I carry on a daily basis to the office in my EDC bag. My second What Are you Carrying post is… Work Edition.

Many of my readers know that I’m a reservist in the Air Force, however, my “day job” is in banking/financial services. The office environment restricts what I can carry, but the laptop bag can pack a bunch of goodies:

– HP Laptop Computer Charger

– Sunglasses Case (off-brand) – Used to organize an assortment of fun items that I feature in Part 2

– Quick Clot (Advanced Clotting Sponge) – For any accidental mishaps

– Federal Supply Memorandum Notebook (Green Military Memorandum Book/Military Memo Book, 3-3/8″ x 5-1/2″, Dark Green, Side or Top Bound will do) – I have these things all over the place

– Pocket Constitution (from the Heritage Foundation) – Needed now more than ever, enough said

– Gum (Trident White) – The preferred choice of Mr. EDC

– Miscellaneous – Assorted pens, OLIGHT I3T EOS 180 Lumens Dual-Output Slim EDC Flashlight, extra contact lenses, contact solution, Chapstick, etc.

– Laptop Bag (Eddie Bauer) – circa 1999-2000 and my EDC bag of choice

Everyday carry bags are important because they help us carry our essential items conveniently. They provide a place for things like wallets, keys, snacks, and more, making it easier to stay organized and prepared for the day. These bags can also be helpful for emergencies, as they allow us to keep important items close at hand whenever we need them.