What Are You Carrying Mr. EDC? (Work Edition)

After much delay, this is my second post in the What Are You Carrying Mr. EDC series. Today I’ll be sharing what I EDC on a daily basis to the office. My second What Are you Carrying post is… Work Edition.

Many of my readers know that I’m a reservist in the Air Force, however, my “day job” is in banking/financial services. The office environment restricts what I can carry, but the laptop bag can pack a bunch of goodies:

– HP Laptop Computer Charger

– Sunglasses Case (off-brand) – Used to organize an assortment of fun items that I’ll feature in Part 2

– Quick Clot (Advanced Clotting Sponge) – For any accidental mishaps

– Federal Supply Memorandum Notebook (Green Military Memorandum Book/Military Memo Book, 3-3/8″ x 5-1/2″, Dark Green, Top Bound) – I have these things all over the place

– Pocket Constitution (from the Heritage Foundation) – Needed now more than ever, enough said

– Gum (Trident White) – The preferred choice of Mr. EDC

– Miscellaneous – Assorted pens, a pen flashlight, extra contact lenses, contact solution, Chapstick, etc.

– Laptop Bag (Eddie Bauer) – circa 1999-2000