What Does the ResQMe Tool Do?

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for emergencies, especially when dealing with automobiles. Many of spend a large amount of time commuting to-and-from jobs, running the kids around town, or traveling long distances to visit family or friends. Keeping an escape tool in your vehicle can help save your life and that of your loved ones during dire car situations. There are several car escape tools on the market today. I tried carrying several different options with me for years, but that was until I found the ultimate escape tool.

One of the best car escape tools you can consider is the ResQMe. ResQMe is a 2-in-1 survival and safety tool that you can use to break your car’s side window and cut through jammed seat-belts. A lot of people now keep these tiny tools handy in their cars, and it’s easy to see why. While it was initially created for first responders, its versatility and ease of use make it an essential piece of gear for anyone traveling by car.

Imagine the feeling of being trapped in your car after an accident and not being able to get out. For me knowing that I have a belt cutter and glass breaker available creates options for me in knowing that I can get out of my vehicle before it’s too late. I keep one of these devices inches away from my steering wheel.

If you’re hearing just hearing about the ResQMe now, you might be wondering what it consists of and how you can use it effectively. Well, if that’s your concern, then don’t look any further. This post will discuss all the essential details about this vital tool, including its composition and use.

What is ResQMe?

ResQMe is a valuable 2-in-1 car escape tool featuring a glass breaker and belt cutter. You can use this tool to cut a jammed car seat belt or shatter the glass of your side window during emergencies.

ResQMe comes in many quantities and colors you can select depending on your preference or use. I chose the bright yellow because of its high visibility.

When I was on the search for mine, I did find that they come in many quantities. You can get a twelve-pack, six-pack, three-pack, two-pack, or single unit of ResQMe at pocket-friendly prices from various online stores. The standard color choices are blue, pink, black, red, orange, and safety yellow. The best thing about ResQMe is its compactness, allowing you to carry it wherever you go without a hassle.

What I liked about the ResQMe is that they are made in California. The razor-sharp blade is constructed from stainless steel and the body from ABS plastic. It has a detachable clip you can quickly attach to your car’s keychain for easy and fast access in case of emergencies. Mine ResQMe is zip tied to my rear view mirror so it can be accessed from either the driver or passenger side.

How to Use the ResQMe Tool

Some people may have trouble using the tool at first, but I found it best to practice with it. It really is quite easy to use and it was designed to be highly reliable and efficient in dire emergencies like car entrapment inside or outside water.

It has a sharp blade to help you cut trapped seat-belts. Its internal spring-loaded mechanism triggers a spike that can break a car window. If the first spike doesn’t break the window, don’t worry. The tool’s inner mechanism is designed to load up again after every use. However, in most cases, you’ll only need to use it once.

Using ResQMe as a Seat Belt Cutter

If your car seat belt is jammed during an emergency, quickly pull ResQMe from its clip to uncover the sharp blade. Then hold the tool between your thumb and index fingers. The tool’s head (usually black in color) should face upwards.

From this position, start cutting the seat-belt diagonally. ResQMe blade is sharp enough to cut seat-belts in one swipe, and you can reuse it as many times as you want.

Using ResQMe as a Glass Breaker

If you find yourself, your pet, or your kid trapped in a car, you can quickly break its window with a ResQMe tool to get out of the vehicle safely. Just like when using the seat belt cutter, hold it between your thumb finger and index finger and firmly press its head against your car’s window (preferably on a bottom corner of the window).

The tool will then release a spike that breaks the glass. However, there’s are some things you should keep in mind when using this product as a glass breaker. First, note that this tool can only break side windows, not the front windshield. The front windshield is a much thicker piece of glass. Secondly, the spike can only work through tinted tempered and clear glasses, not laminated glass.

Most cars’ side and rear windows are usually made from tempered glass. On the other hand, the windshields are generally made from laminated glass, explaining why this tool can’t shatter them. You can check on the side windows for a sticker indicating if the glass is tempered or laminated.

Most people usually think it’s the metal ball that should be placed against the window, but that’s not right. You should ensure to press the black-colored end (the head) against the glass to break it. The function of the metal ball on the tool is to reset its internal mechanism.

Spotting an Original ResQMe Tool

There are many counterfeit ResQMe products due to the many producers flooding the market today. I know because I ran across them in my search before buying the original. The fake ResQMe tools are usually constructed from cheap and non-durable materials that may not hold up during an emergency. From what I can see, you can tell if the ResQMe escape tool you’ve purchased is original by checking if it has a ResQMe logo inscribed on its side and ensuring it has a black keyring and not silver.

ResQMe Tool Pricing

The price of this product usually varies with packs. A single unit usually costs about $10.95- $12.95. You can also buy a three-pack unit for $25.95. A six-pack combo goes at $83.40, while a twelve-pack unit costs $95.95. This product can be shipped worldwide at reasonable fees, which usually vary with the customer’s location. I bought a multi-pack when I picked up mine to distribute to friends and family as gifts. For easier storage and accessibility, you can also purchase additional accessories, which include a cable tie, sun visor, keyring, and lanyard. All these four accessories cost $3.95.

Alternative storage options are free. You can use a cable tie to hang the ResQMe tool to your car’s rear-view mirror for easy accessibility by both you and your passenger/loved ones like I described earlier. Of course you could also attach this tool to your keychain using the keyring. Finally, you could use a lanyard that would allow you to hang your ResQMe from your car headrest for back seat travelers to access it quickly during emergencies.


ResQMe is an essential car escape tool for all drivers. It’s an effective seat belt cutter and glass breaker that can be employed during car entrapments and emergencies. There are many ways to store or access the ResQMe tool. It can be deployed at a moment’s notice by taking the least amount of time possible to get out of a car during accidents and other life-endangering situations.