What Can Be Stored in a Maxpedition Pouch

maxpedition pouch for everyday carry

The Maxpedition Mini Pouch is carried with me in my car everywhere I go. The inspiration was the SAS survival pouch or what survivalist Tom Brown, Jr. describes in his books. A SAS survival kit is a compact and portable kit designed to help individuals survive in emergency or wilderness situations. “SAS” stands for Special Air Service, which is a renowned special forces unit of the British Army known for its expertise in survival and outdoor skills.

The specific contents of a SAS survival kit can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended purpose of the kit. It’s essential to customize your survival kit based on the environment you plan to venture into and your specific needs. Additionally, proper training and knowledge of survival techniques are crucial to making the best use of the items in the kit and increasing your chances of survival in challenging situations.

Here is a view of the inside of my everyday carry Maxpedition pouch:

Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer (Khaki color, Very compact 4” x 6” x 0.75” size)

Fenix Flashlight (Model unknown but probably this one)

Plastic Sheeting (For procuring water or other tasks)

Memo Book (Generic)

Altoids Survival Tin (See my Must Have Contents for an Altoids Survival Tin post)

Fisher Space Pen (Matte Black Bullet Space Pen with Clip)

Leatherman (Leatherman Pocket Multi-Tool)