What Famous People Wear Luminox Watches?

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For over 25 years, Luminox watches have been the trusted watches that Special Forces, law enforcement agencies, and many elite military prefer to use for their operations. Why is Luminox’s brand of watches so unique to be trusted by such units that keep their operation exclusive? This article will expound on that to shed more light on Luminox watches with some examples of famous people who have worn them.

Luminox watches are Swiss-made with a unique self-powered illumination system with tritium gas tubes. Once you get hold of a piece of Luminox watch, you will not need to push any button or even expose it to a lighting system for it to glow continuously for the next 25 years plus of its existence. Many special units prefer it because it has visibility in complete darkness where many operations are carried out. That is why it is an immense volume of watches from the Swiss development company pipeline.

The History of Luminox Watches

The story of Luminox watches began in 1989 when a confident forward-thinking brilliant person, Barry Cohen, a watch veteran in the industry, found out a Swiss self-powered illumination system. Upon discovering this system, He became aware that it would aid in making watches that are more visible and easier to read in places with no light.

Barry’s commitment to offering the most cutting-edge luminescence and readable product to the world that fits best in high-performance sports watches. Luminox started life and was born with “Lumi,” a Latin word which means light a “Nox” that stands for light, and that is how Luminox was christened by the giant Luminox Light Technology (LLT).

Navy SEAL Luminox Watches

In 1992, the Luminox founder collaborated with Nick North, an officer in the US Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL). Their collaboration was to develop an exclusive watch that the SEAL team would use. After conducting some tests, the Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL passed the test. From that period, the two organizations have been working together developing Luminox Navy SEAL watches that the SEAL team uses when going on a mission to assist them in night operations.

Globally, the Navy SEAL watch received special recognition in 1994 when used by the US Coast Guards, Singapore Air Force, and the NYPD. More elite units from the air force, Special Forces, and police force have been commissioned to have watches made by Luminox as they can withstand any manner of strenuous outdoor activity.

The Luminox Navy Seal Watch debuted in Hollywood between 1997 and 2004. It was first used in Ridley Scott’s GI before Ocean’s Eleven adopted it with the upgraded version of 390 models.

In 2001, Luminox came up with an all-steel and titanium case as it continued with upgrades for its Luminox series. This series has a lithium battery, an anti-reflecting coating, a sapphire glass front. These features help users keep time when there is natural or artificial light.

In 2006, Luminox company shares were sold to a Swiss watch manufacturer who purchased half. After that purchase, Luminox released the Navy SEAL Colormark 3051 series to the market within a year. In developing this series, a unique carbon compound was adopted, capable of functioning in hot and cold regions. Within this period, Luminox expanded to new territory and made its presence in over 50 companies across the globe.

Luminox Watches for Divers

In 2009 and 2010, Luminox came up with a Deep Dive Automatic Series. These watches have a case that can withstand 500 meters of water below sea level. Three years later, the series manufacturer continued with the evolution of the Luminox series when they began venturing into the space and aeronautics industry by creating the SXC GNT Space series.

In 2016, Luminox was declared the official lincensing partner of the Navy SEALs. This partnership has cemented the bond of the series manufacturer and the military service. The developer has extended the SEAL 3500 SERIES by developing a new case named the Leatherback Sea Turtle Series.

Recent Luminox Watch Collaborations

In 2018, Luminox continued collaborating and partnering with the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). The Luminox Company has developed a special ICE-SAR Arctic series to celebrate their partnership.

In 2020, Luminox developed another historic partnership with Bear Grylls, an organization well known for the face of survival and outdoor adventure. Luminox has rolled out a complete Luminox X Bear Grylls collection in this partnership.

Luminox Watch Features and Benefits

The unique feature of Luminox watches is the adoption of micro gas tubes illumination system, which enables the clocks to be visible in completely dark areas.

Another feature that the Luminox watch has is the light technology that ensures that the wearer can glance at the watch 24/7 as it can glow for up to 25 years.

The Luminox watch series have water resistance capabilities that can withstand water pressure up to 500 meters deep. This is why Navy people love them for their operation in deep water without giving time error.

Luminox has adopted the Carbonax compound, enabling the watches to resist scratches. You will also feel your hand lighter as you wear the watch. Additionally, the compound used is resistant to chemicals, making the brand withstand any temperature changes it comes across.

All the series watches are durable and can last for over 25 years without stopping. They also have a long battery life that is reliable in the sea, air, and land used to withstand all weather conditions. The brand is perfecter than other watches because of the tritium used for outdoor activity, and you can wear it in challenging places.

Luminox can benefit you in every dark environment and harsh weather condition. They ensure that you keep good timekeeping wherever you go. The product can operate even in a war situation.


Many well-known celebrities and personalities have been spotted wearing the Navy SEALs and Bear Grylls series. For instance, stars such as Zac Efron, Ben Stiller, and Channing Tatum appeared on their first shows wearing Grylls Series. Other celebrities spotted with it include Kate Winslet, Michael Jordan, James Rodriguez, James Marsden, and even President Obama during his term.

So yeah, with the great features and performers that Luminox watches have, this watch is a good brand for everyone. It will be a brilliant investment to purchase in your entire life. Pictured above is a comparison of my original Navy SEAL and my current go-to, the Leatherback Sea Turtle – 0301 Dive Watch.