Knife From the John Wick Fight Scene

John Wick Knife for everyday carry

Microtech’s out-the front knife from John Wick scene is a very sturdy knife, often getting mistaken for a switchblade. This knife works by pressing the button forward, which deploys the blade out of the front side of the handle while simultaneously cocking the internal mechanism to be engaged with the blade control rod inside of the handle.

The knife pictured above is not one of the John Wick knives, but I do hope to buy the actual one in the near future. It’s the Microtech 232-10 UTX-85 D/E – Black Handle – Contoured – Stonewashed Blade.

How did John Wick Use the Knife in the Movie?

John Wick uses a Microtech when he fights Viggo’s men on the stairwell. He cuts one of the guys’ clothes and stabs him with it. In another scene, he cuts a guy’s throat with the knife.

The final part of that scene shows that John Wick drops this small blade on the floor and runs away from the place to escape from them. It does not appear that his intention was to kill him but to get rid of the guys chasing him.

In the next scene, we see him pick up the same knife from below stairs after killing two other men who were already injured by his last throw. Wick used this knife for ambushes and to scare some people, like when he cuts Jimmy’s pants open before sending him outside so John can “talk to him.”

The knife has a silver blade made of steel M390 with an aluminum handle and weighs only 170g. It is priced between $300-$350 depending on if you get it straight from the Microtech site or Amazon. If you are interested, you can also get it from eBay for around $200, which is excellent if you ask me. It’s a fantastic piece of equipment.

A Beginners Guide to Microtech Out-The-Front Knife

The knife used in both movies is a TTI Edition Microtech OTF Auto, which has a different blade shape than regular OTF knives manufactured by Microtech. If you are looking for a cheap version of this knife, you can probably buy the “Layman Out the Front” for around 20 bucks on Amazon or AliExpress.

The knife is further detailed with “MADE IN USA”, “UNDER LICENSE FROM DYNAMIC PRODUCTIONS, INC.” stamping on the opposite side of the blade. Additionally, it’s designed for one-hand opening and closing via Phillips head screwdriver slot at the end of the handle to tighten or take apart mechanism if necessary. Also, the knife has a belt clip on the sheath, which allows you to carry it even in your back pocket. Overall, this is a high-quality knife that looks great or just nice to have as part of your collection.

Where is the Knife Manufactured?

The knife is made in Taiwan by G&G Armament Co. It comes in two primary colors, although many variants exist: a silver handle with a matte black blade or an all-black version with a satin finish blade. The knife also has a belt clip which makes it possible to easily carry your knife. One-hand opening and closing – press large button forward to release the blade, pull back towards you to close (just like the movie).

Features of a Microtech Out-The-Front Knife

The knife from John Wick fight scene is a sharp and a versatile knife. It has an overall Length of 9.75 Inches and Weight of 4.6 oz. It is engineered with high quality steel to make it durability unquestionable. Other features of this knife include:

  • AUS-8 Blade Type
  • Reverse Tanto Tactical Application Handles Material
  • Aluminum Sheath Material
  • Ballistic Nylon Belt Clip
  • Metal Butt Cap Finish
  • Matte Black/Silver Handle
  • Satin-Finish Sharper blade Easily Concealed

A Very Sharp Blade

The Microtech has a sharp the blade is quite helpful in various places. It is the main thing that makes it efficient in use.

Has Very Sturdy Design

The knife’s design makes it more efficient in use so it can be used without any problem, which will make you feel perfect while using it. The handle has been made up of aluminum, making it easier to carry or grip on hand without any risk. Overall if we look at all these good qualities, every buyer wants to get that product in their hand. The company has come up with very tough rules and policies about its products, attracting everyone due to its uncompromising quality. I would not trust one of those cheap knock offs that I mentioned before. That seems like a good way to lose a finger.


I received a Microtech as a Christmas present (pictured above) to myself. While not the John Wick knife its sturdy construction, blade design, and the fact that it is made using high quality materials make this knife an outstanding addition to my EDC gear. You can purchase it directly from the manufacturer or from reputable site such as eBay or Amazon if you are lucky. They are in high demand right now with many sites sold out entirely. Please be aware that Microtech or OTF knives may not be legal to possess in your locale. Legality can be problematic in New York, but in this post I share with you one possible way to do it!