How to Legally Possess an Out-the-Front Knife in New York

otf knife

In an earlier post I discussed the infatuation I have with the out-the-front (OTF) knife used by John Wick in the infamous bus fight scene. In fact, my Knife From the John Wick Fight Scene post is one of my most viewed posts, so I know I’m not alone here readers!

Ever since watching that classic movie, I’ve wanted to own an OTF bad, but alas my home state of New York is a bit restrictive in all things… from soda size regulations (NYC) to gun magazine capacity (SAFE Act) to even what kind of knives we can own. After some research and confirmation with a deputy sheriff in my area, I think that I finally discovered the solution.

New York law has an exclusion for “switch blades” for use while hunting, trapping or fishing by a person carrying a valid license issued to him pursuant to section 11-0713 of the environmental conservation law. Check out the law for yourself here.

So, what kind of license are they talking about? Well, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation issues fishing licenses at a very low cost. For in-state residents the cost is $25/year. In fact, fishing licenses are free for active duty military, military veterans with 40% or greater disability, senior citizen (70 years or older), the legally blind, and non-resident students attending a New York State college or university full-time. Perhaps your state offers something similar that would pave the way for OTF knife ownership and possession for you?

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, I am not your attorney, I am just an EDC enthusiast who happens to live in the New York that did some internet research on the subject. Please do your own research if you are considering this possible “loophole” for OTF possession if you also live in a restrictive location.