How the KeySmart Key Organizer Works and Why You Need It

keysmart for everyday carry

Most people, if not all, have at least two or more keys with them-one for the house, car, office cabinets and lockers, luggage, etc. And with keys looking all flat and unnoticeable, it’s common to lose them. But with a premium multi-tool like KeySmart, you can lessen or keep yourself from misplacing your keys.

A key organizer is a tool designed to help you keep and sort your keys in one compact holder that looks sleek, like a foldable pocketknife.

Who Can Use KeySmart?

I have been using a KeySmart for years and I’ve included a picture of my well-worn KeySmart in this post. This little piece of gear is great and definitely a daily part of my EDC kit.

This device is best suited for many people but intended mainly for those carrying many keys every day, including security guards, cops, and more. It’s also ideal for everyone who is extra annoyed with the jingly sound the keys make on their pockets or bag.

Carrying your keys is never more convenient with a key organizer. Since each key has its space you can fold into, it won’t even ruin the fabric of your pocket or bag and the fragile things in it.

Plus, it is not limited to holding your keys only. Other tools, and even a flash drive, can be mounted in it as long as it fits into the organizer’s space.

What Are the Features of KeySmart?

Aside from its ability to organize your keys and tools, there are more features to KeySmart that’ll make you realize how much you need it.


What makes a key organizer valuable is its multi-functional feature. This device can hold pocket clips, bottle openers, flash drives, hand-carry lights, usually sold separately. If you like, you may also upgrade it for a firmer and sturdier material like titanium.


KeySmart works perfectly with any key. It usually comes in a loop ring for your car keys too.

Sleek Design

More than its functionality, its design is also stylish. No matter how many keys you add to it, it will not look bulky compared to other key holders. Since the keys and other stuff you insert in your KeySmart are hidden, you hear no distracting sound at all.

High-Quality Materials

The device has premium and highly durable materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum. Its materials provide not only a lightweight and convenient feature but can also support years of usage. It can withstand and carry up to 14 keys at once without weighing the user down.


It comes in many available colors that will suit your style. You can also personalize it by engraving anything on its plain surface, making it perfect for gift ideas.


Users who want their key organizers to be extra functional can accessorize it. You can personalize it as you please based on your needs. Here are some of the accessories you may consider including in your KeySmart for an even higher value:

  • Bottle Opener – opening bottles have never been easier with an accessible opener
  • Pocket Clip – attach or mount your key organizer on your belt, bag, or ID sling using a pocket clip
  • Light – add nano lights to your device and have a light source whenever needed
  • Loop Ring – no need to be afraid of your car keys not making it into the cut. If the space isn’t enough for huge keys, add a loop ring instead
  • Extenders – this is perfect for making extra room for the rest of your keys and stuff
  • Flash drive – transfer or save files hassle-free and on the go

What Are the Benefits of Using a KeySmart Organizers?

These sum up the pros of using a key organizer like KeySmart:

  • Easy to assemble
  • You can personalize and customize
  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Convenient and effective key sorter

How to Assemble a KeySmart

To start organizing your keys into your key organizer, you must disassemble the device first by loosening the bolts. Then, add your keys into the bolts at each tip of your key organizer.

Once you have added the keys, you can place the KeySmart cover on top and tighten the bolts to your preference.

Typically, a classic KeySmart can hold six keys. But you can use extra posts and dividers to expand and make room for more keys, loop rings, and other accessories. You can have up to 14 keys into your compact organizer.

After assembling your keys into your little key organizer, you can start unfolding the keys or tools out when you need them. And fold or insert them back into their storage after use.

Are There Other Key Organizers Other Than KeySmart

The key organizers market is quite competitive, so you are most likely going to find other types. Here are other popular key organizer types:

Anti-Theft Money Clip & Key Holder

It’s not conventional to put your cash and credit card on a key holder, but why not? Some key organizers designed to include a credit card money clip and an anti-theft technology for security. It has unique and clever features rolled into one.

Key Organizer with Tracker & Bluetooth

It’s remarkable how technology evolves. Now, you don’t need your phone for Bluetooth, or it’s okay not to buy a tracker when you need one. A key organizer can have these features already.

This type of high-tech device typically has a pocket-sized GPS tracker.

Key Holder with Knife

Secure your keys while protecting yourself at the same time. Neat, right? Key organizers with a built-in knife are not only suitable for self-defense, but it’s also perfect for campers and adventurers. You don’t know when you’ll need a knife or blade, but it is convenient to have it when necessary. Plus, with the knife hidden and folded into the organizer, it is safe.


Gadgets like KeySmart are a must-have. It can simplify your life by allowing you to organize stuff in one go. It saves you time from losing essential things that are misplaced easily, like keys. And with its constant improvements and added extra features, you can even secure other practical tools with you every day.

At a low cost, expect the best value. You can finally say goodbye to heavy, noisy, and bulky traditional key holders. And switch to a more functional, more compact, and convenient key organizer that offers more!