Best Pouches for EDC

As readers of this blog know, EDC is an acronym for “Everyday Carry.” It includes an assemblage of all essential items you consistently carry daily to help you in emergencies and other crucial activities. People usually have different EDC items they find helpful in their daily endeavors. Sometimes people also keep EDC pouches around.

However, it can be tricky to organize and carry these items if you don’t have the right storage place. While having your EDC equipment all the time is essential, ensuring it’s easily accessible and organized is equally vital.

The most efficient solution to ensuring your EDC items are safe and within easy reach is by making use EDC pouches. There are many well-designed and long-lasting pouches you can consider for your EDC items.

This post discusses some of the best EDC carriers on the market today, examples of EDC items, and the essential aspects to keep in mind when you set out to put together your own suitable EDC pouch.

Eight Crucial Items for EDC Pouches

As mentioned earlier, the items we carry every day can differ from person to person for various reasons. It can be challenging to select the best EDC items, especially if you’ve never had one before. I’m not going to mention a knife here because it’s assumed that you will already be carrying a blade with you and most likely on your person. Some of the essential gear that you shouldn’t miss in your EDC pouch inlcude:

1) Flashlight

Flashlights come in handy in many situations, like during a car breakdown or blackout. There are several flashlights with varying bright intensities. You should select the one fitting your needs.

2) Multi-Tool

A multi-tool describes a potable and compact you can use for more than one function. It posses several extensions and blades for many items like pliers, screwdrivers, scissors, knives, and more.

3) Pain Killers and Band-Aids

An accident can quickly occur in your day-to-day routine. Painkillers and band-aids can come in handy during various accidents or body aches while at work/home, or they may help someone else in need that isn’t prepared.

4) Sharpening Stone

Having a sharpening solution can help you when your knife is blunt, and you’re in the middle of an activity.

5) Notebook and Pen

These two items may seem irrelevant, especially if you have a smartphone, but they’re highly essential. You may need them when jotting down quick notes, schematic drawings, and other crucial things in the office or at home.

6) A Power Bank and Cable

These items are essential for all smartphone owners. Having a charging cable and power bank with you can help when your phone goes off or in areas without electricity.

7) Cell Phone

Phones help us to be in touch with other people constantly. You can also use them as a pen, paper, TV, scanner, watch, camera, GPS, map, and more.

8) Cash

In this current digital era, most people use cards, mobile money, and other forms to keep and transact money. It’s easy to neglect to have cash if you have other means to access your money, and that’s where most go wrong. Cash is essential in emergencies where you can’t access other forms of money.

Five Best EDC Pouches

Getting the right bag or pouch for your everyday carry items can be daunting, especially with the many models flooding the market today. Here are five high-end pouches you can consider for your EDC items.

1) Maxpedition

Maxpedition bags and pouches are among the finest on the market today due to their broad utility and incredible style. They come in many colors and are made with lightweight and ballistic nylon material that’s waterproof and resistant to abrasions. I showcase my EDC Maxpedition pouch and contents in this post: What Can Be Stored in a Maxpedition Pouch.

2) 5-11 Tactical Pouch

Another producer of high-quality tactical bags is 5-11. Their 6×6 EDC pouch is highly modular and has a MOLLE design. 5-11 pouches have a compatible exterior webbing grid, a zippered central section/compartment, and durable weatherproof exteriors. They’re incredibly versatile, tough, reliable, and valuable across a vast kinds of potential uses.

3) Condor EDC Bag

The MOLLE style high-quality material used in making this bag suggests how handy and efficient this pouch is. It’s simple yet uniquely attractive and can be used in vast ways. For example, it can work as a standalone, or you can attach it to your bag’s exterior thanks to its snap-button straps. You can also stash it in your main pack if you like. Its nicely organized internal scheme makes it one of the most secure and reliable pouches for your EDC items. It has slots for a knife, pen, IDs, and more. There are more than one Condor tactical bags you can choose from depending on the size, style, and color you like.

4) Magpul

Magpul offers some of the best pouches today. Their tactical bags can be used to store most of your EDC items or even essential documents. They’re excellent for people dealing with muddy, dirty, or dusty areas. They’re usually constructed from well-welded polymer-infused textiles to warrant their durability and water and abrasions resistance. Its compartment has a water-resistant zipper with an outer enhanced outer surface for high grip even when wearing gloves. Magpul pouches come in six colors and sizes, ranging from small, medium, and large.

5) Connect EDC pouch

Connect offers one of the most spacious and versatile everyday carry packs today. I haven’t seen this bag for sale in a while, but it is constructed using 100% polyester and stitched using nylon. It’s resistant to rip and water, and its rot proof. It has 12 separate partitions and eight utility pockets, providing enough room to store all your items without running short of space. This bag also has a clear storage space to keep your credit cards or IDs. Its belt loops and shoulder strap will give you comprehensive carrying options.


EDC items can help you save lives or get out of hazardous or life-threatening situations. However, they need to be organized well and readily accessible to serve their purpose well. The above pouches are among the up-to-the-minute, reliable, fashionable, and efficient EDC pouches you can buy. However, it would be best to consider your needs, carrying preference, and the number of your EDC items to buy a suitable pouch.